What is a Prospecting Manager?

Prospecting Manager Prospecting Manager is designed to help you utilize your most valuable resource - your time. Now you have a way to share a message through digital media, and KNOW WHEN YOUR PROSPECT LISTENS.

Created by distributors for distributors, a 'Prospecting Manager' is a customized and personal landing page designed to present a specific message to your contacts. This landing page track what your prospect is doing on the page, from listening to an audio track or watching a video, and of course, that they have requested additional information from you.

With built-in functionality to track your leads, personalized invitation emails, and options for 'instant' notification of events triggered by your prospects.

How do I get one?


New to Redfish Creations? Click on the 'Sign Up' link at the top of this page. You will be prompted for your name and a valid email address. Follow the instructions from there to active your new account.

Already have a Redfish Creations account? Click on the 'Sign In' link, login with your account details.


Login into your Redfish Creations account ('Sign In' link at the top of this page).

Click the Templates menu for a list of currently available templates. Click the 'Subscribe' button next to your desired template and follow the prompts.

Start Prospecting

Now that you have subscribed to a template, login into your account and Click the Leads menu. Click the 'Add a Lead' button and fill in as many details as you can. Then Click 'Save'.

Now that you have added a new lead you can select them from the list and Click the 'Invite' button on the bottom of the form, then select the template you want them to see.

Prospecting Site

Hear the Doc

HearTheDoc.com is designed to help you utilize your most valuable resource - your time.  Now you have a way to share Dr. Wallach's message through digital media, and KNOW WHEN THEY LISTEN.

The challenge is, unlike physical CDs that you can loan people and have natural follow-up, with digital media there is nothing for you loan and retrieve.  As a result, most people have no idea of how much that they share digitally goes unwatched or unheard.  Imagine how much more effective you could be if you knew exactly who listened to the message!  That is where HearTheDoc.com is your answer.

With HearTheDoc.com not only can you send out links digitally, we have also empowered you to be able to find out exactly who actually listened to the message.

Site Details

Cost $7.95/month

25  Audio tracks from Dr. Wallach

250  alloted notifications per month1

Invite  new leads to your page

Track  visitors on your page

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1 template will 'roll-over' any remaining unused notifications from your monthly allotment up to a total of 10,000 notifications.